NYC: Fri. March 8: Women Rise Up, Resist & Unite! Actions

On International Working Women’s Day, join Malaya Movement, BAYAN USA, GABRIELA New York, International Working Women’s Day Coalition and International Women’s Alliance (Americas) this Friday, March 8th for Women Rise Up, Resist, & Unite! In a two-part celebration of women’s resistance and solidarity, we’ll RISE, RESIST, and UNITE to end all forms of violence against women and children in the Philippines and all around the world!

Part 1: Unite Against Macho-Fascism in the Philippines!

3/8 @ 6pm-7pm | Rally at the Philippine Consulate, 556 5th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Join us to denounce the worsening human rights crisis in the Philippines under Duterte, and to stop the attacks on Filipino women and children! Under Duterte’s macho-fascist dictatorship, 27,000 people have been killed in his drug war, 170+ have been killed extrajudicially, and there remains over 500 political prisoners.

Duterte’s misogynistic comments like “shoot women rebels in the vagina” encourages state sanctioned violence against women, creating a harmful environment for women in the Philippines and abroad. Of the 7,000 Filipinos who are forced to leave the country every day, 70% are women, who are neglected by the Philippine government. “[For those] working as slaves [overseas], rape [comes with] the territory. Kasali sa kultura (It’s part of the culture),” Duterte recently remarked, dismissing 1.26 million women Overseas Filipino Workers.

The human rights crisis in the Philippines is funded by our US tax dollars–in 2018, $184.5 million was allocated by the US government as military aid to Duterte’s regime. WE DEMAND: CUT ALL US AID TO THE PHILIPPINE MILITARY AND POLICE!

Part 2: Rise Up for Women’s Liberation!

3/8 @ 7pm-8pm | March from Philippine Consulate to Rally at Trump Towers, 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

 Following the 1st rally, at 7pm we’ll march up 5th Ave to Trump Towers where we’ll celebrate women’s resistance and solidarity! From Palestine, Central America, Ferguson, to NYC let us link our struggles and rise up for women’s liberation! The Trump administration continues to escalate their xenophobic and fascist attacks on communities of color, on women, immigrants, refugees, and LGBTQ+ folks. Let’s UNITE in solidarity to end family separation, the destabilization of our homelands, and to tear down walls, borders, and prisons! Let’s UNITE and defend our communities, and together build the world we want to see!

Happy women’s month & see you this Friday,
Malaya Movement Northeast