International Action Center; 27 Years of Activism

International Action Center
27 Years of Activism

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December 2018

Dear friends,

This has been a year of activism for the International Action Center—and its affiliated organizations—on many fronts. Opposing war, standing up to the far-right, protesting racism and all forms of bigotry, and supporting migrant and refugee families have been the focus of much of our work around the country.

End all U.S. Wars!

The media has shown images of terrible suffering, especially of children, due to war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia’s all-out military siege of Yemen. The truth is that Washington has backed this genocidal war with weapons and intelligence since it began.

Congress allocated $700 billion to the Pentagon, funds which should be allocated for human needs. This gigantic outlay of money pays for U.S. troops to be stationed in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and elsewhere; increased naval forces and war games in Asia, and installation of more nuclear weapons in Europe.

But the U.S. war drive has not gone unchallenged! In a welcome development, young people are joining the anti-war movement. On April 14-15, a coalition of hundreds of progressive groups, organized the National Days of Action: Activists marched countrywide proclaiming “End U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad!’ They demanded the Pentagon stop bombing Syria, and end wars in Afghanistan and Yemen, drone attacks, and threats against north Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.

Protesters denounced Washington’s aid to apartheid Israel and refusal to criticize Israeli troops’ firing on unarmed Gazans, including medics and children. They decried racist police brutality, and demanded: “Fund jobs and social programs, not war!”. Organizers included Black Alliance for Peace, Coalition against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, IAC, United National Antiwar Coalition, Veterans for Peace, WILPF; 300 more groups endorsed.

A New York protest on Oct. 7 promoted the theme: “Afghanistan to Yemen: End the wars; U.S. Troops out–Syria to Korea.” With 20 participating groups, including many from the Arab and Muslim communities, it was organized out of the Solidarity Center. An Oct. 31 forum held there, initiated by BAP, Black to Back Coalition, UNAC, People’s Power Assembly/NYC, called for ending wars at home and abroad.

Asylum for all refugees!

Refugees have fled U.S.-backed repression and impoverishment, only to be confronted by hostile, racist Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents at the southern border with Mexico, on orders from the White House. In a horrific scenario, families have been separated, children ripped from their parents’ arms and caged in detention centers–in violation of U.S. and international law–as well as basic humanity. In the latest outrage, border agents teargassed asylum seekers, including children.

Fight for Im/migrants & Refugees Everywhere (FIRE), an IAC affiliate, sent a delegation from several cities in June to the southern border, which joined demonstrations in McAllen and Brownsville, Texas, in solidarity with refugee families. While there, these activists joined in the nationally coordinated “Keep Families Together” protests, as others joined the June 30 actions across the country. FIRE members have joined picket lines and encampments from Boston to Portland, Ore., calling for an end to ICE, round-ups, detentions and deportations–and insisting on asylum for all migrants and refugees.

Another FIRE delegation is traveling to the border this month to show solidarity with refugee families and to bring material aid. The group anticipates organizing similar trips in the coming year.

In Durham, N.C., IAC allies joined immigrant rights’ and racial justice activists last month, to protest ICE’s seizure of Samuel Oliver-Bruno, 20-year U.S. resident, who had taken church sanctuary for a year. Despite arrests, the struggle continues to free this refugee–now in ICE detention, deprived of diabetes medication and facing deportation.

Protest racist hate groups!

There has been a stark increase in vile threats, rallies and hate crimes, ranging from assaults to outright murder, by far-right, neo-Nazis, who are emboldened by the Trump administration. They spew racist, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, anti-Jewish, sexist and homophobic hatred. The IAC has joined allies in many cities to demonstrate against these ultra-rightists, including in Philadelphia, when over a thousand people turned out to denounce white supremacists on Nov. 17.

The Philadelphia Mobilization4Mumia, which includes the IAC and International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, among others continues to protest the jailing of this renown African-American political prisoner. Recently, a lawsuit backed by demonstrations, led to a judicial ruling allowing state prisoners to receive life-saving medications.

Free Puerto Rico; Support Indigenous resistance!

The IAC aided in organizing the People’s Tribunal on U.S. Crimes in Puerto Rico, held in New York City on Oct. 27. People traveled from the island to testify about Washington’s neglect and mistreatment of their people in the aftermath of last year’s hurricanes. They also told of the terrible impact of the U.S. Congress’s takeover of their financial and educational systems. The multinational panel of jurists gave their unanimous verdict on U.S. crimes: Guilty!

Once again, the IAC mobilized a busload of activists to travel from the NYC Solidarity Center to the 49th National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Mass., organized by United American Indians of New England, to honor the struggles of Indigenous peoples, past and present. We hail Indigenous activists in the Americas and worldwide who are leading the movements to protest environmental destruction and protect the planet.

Solidarity Center: Organizing hub

The Solidarity Center, home of the IAC, is a meeting space for the PPA/NY, FIRE, BAYAN USA, A Call to Action on Puerto Rico, Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network, the Free Mumia Coalition, NYC Shut it Down! No New Jails! and other anti-racist, social justice, and anti-war forces. May Day, Puerto Rico Tribunal and International Working Women’s Day Coalition mobilizing meetings were held there. Organizations also use the office for work sessions, and utilize our resources—sound equipment, computers, banners and signs—which we gladly provide. There, the People’s MTA plans actions calling for accessible subways for disabled people, and improved, affordable transit services.

IAC activists around the country and PPA/NY support the fast food workers’ movements for a $15/hour minimum wage and unionization, and protest racist police violence. They have actively opposed Trump administration attacks on health care and other essential services, civil liberties, and the rights of people of color communities, workers, women, LGBTQ and disabled individuals. Activists decried the appointment of conservative Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

We need your support!

None of this activism would be possible without the backing of our supporters. The IAC is an all-volunteer organization, which relies on our steadfast donors to provide the financial help which enables all of our work, and encourages us to do more. We must be alert and ready to respond on many fronts in the coming year.

Your assistance is essential to the IAC’s organizing, and maintaining the Solidarity Center as a mobilizing and meeting space–a resource for the progressive movement.

Please give generously.

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In solidarity and with appreciation,

Sara Flounders, IAC Co-director
Teresa Gutierrez, FIRE Coordinator
Richard Kossally, PPA/NYC Organizer

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