May 1: No Walls in the Workers Struggle!

May 1 — International Workers Day — is day of global worker solidarity. In countries around the world, workers will be going out on strike, demonstrating, and marching to demand justice and liberation for all workers.

In 2006, migrant workers put May Day back on the map for the struggle in the U.S. in a major way, with a general strike and demonstrations from coast to coast.

Trump and other sections of the ruling class around the world are attempting to divide and conquer the global working class with racism and bigotry. We must declare May 1 to be a day of militant actions that boldly asserts: ‘No Walls in the Workers Struggle!’

Whether in the form of physical walls and concentration camp-like detention centers, or in the many ways bosses use racism, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, and anti-LGBTQ2S oppression to divide us, on May Day 2019 we will work to tear down these walls and raise global working class solidarity to fight back against these attempts to break our unity. Solidarity is our greatest weapon.

Join us in this call to action: Make May Day ‘No Walls in the Workers Struggle’

The growing International Workers Solidarity Network will share information on May Day demonstrations planned in the U.S. and around the world – submit details of your May Day action here.

We are also preparing placards, leaflets, and other materials for use at local May Day activities that will be available on the website in the coming days.