Sat., May 4: New Yorkers Say HELL NO to Hate Group Focus on the Family!

Focus on the Family is a homophobic, right-wing nonprofit and they’re spending $$$$ to broadcast a live 4D pregnancy ultrasound in Times Square as part of an anti-abortion festival they’re holding on May 4. Unlike this hate group, WE work toward a world that is inclusive of all races and ethnicities, all gender identities, all religions, and people of all immigration statuses. We’re disrupting their gross party with a different vision of our own:

Birth must be voluntary.
Abortion is health care.
Health care is a human right.
Black lives matter.
LGBTQ rights are human rights.

A bit of background on Focus on the Family: They’re super well-funded, they’ve spent millions pushing “conversion therapy” and fighting gay marriage and anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBTQ folks, and they really really hate that pregnant people in New York can now get later abortions when their life/health is at risk, thanks to the Reproductive Health Act. The “family” that they want to “focus on” excludes queers, trans people, Muslims, refugees, people who believe in evolution (!), women who want to work outside of the home (!!) and people who want to have sex without tacitly consenting to childbirth (!!!!).

We’ll be meeting on the steps of Bryant Park on 41st St. and 6th Ave. for a speak-out at 1:30pm and then marching together to Times Square to get there around 2:30pm. (NOTE THE LOCATION CHANGE)

*****WEAR RED!******

Join us! Fight back! Their hate is not welcome, here or anywhere!