How can we make May Day 2019 a turning point for the workers’ struggle?

May Day 2019 was marked by militant demonstrations of workers in the streets of cities across the globe. In addition to underscoring the imperative need for global worker interconnection and solidarity, May Day protests also declared international solidarity with the people of Venezuela. They are engaged in a tremendous and courageous struggle against U.S. imperialism, in the face of another coup attempt by the U.S.-backed right-wing forces there.

How can we make May Day 2019 a turning point for the workers struggle?

That is the aim of the International Workers Solidarity Network: to build coordinated support to workers’ struggles locally, nationally, and internationally, raise consciousness about workers’ struggles everywhere, involve more people in workers’ solidarity efforts, show that all struggles are workers’ struggles and workers’ struggles are central to every struggle, and fight against every effort to divide workers from each other.

That’s why we have initiated a call for Workers Solidarity Days — a May Day every month. A theme, slogan, or common activity will unify these actions — with the goal of broadening the class perspective and uplifting the urgent need for global working class solidarity.

The first Workers Solidarity Day is planned for June 1. We are proposing to build these actions around solidarity with im/migrant workers and the call for “No walls in the workers struggle!” June is also LGBTQI2S Pride Month, this year marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion. We encourage local activists to tie in other struggles and find ways to bring the Workers Solidarity Day to life.

We have also initiated a call for solidarity with Uber and Lyft drivers, many of whom are planning a coordinated one-day strike and other actions on May 8, as Uber begins selling stocks on Wall Street. You can sign onto the solidarity pledge here. We encourage everyone to demonstrate solidarity with these workers who are on the cutting edge of the gig economy — whether that be attending an action already planned in your city, distributing materials that raise the struggle of Uber and Lyft drivers, or using other creative means.

We’d love to hear from you! Please share any ideas you think would be helpful to developing this network of international working class fighters and developing Workers Solidarity Days. You can send us a message here:

International Workers Solidarity Network