Stop a Modern Day Lynching – Don’t let PA DOC Murder MOVE Member Delbert Africa

Press release from the MOVE Organization:

Stop a Modern Day Lynching – Don’t let PA DOC Murder MOVE Member Delbert Africa

The MOVE ORGANIZATION is calling for people to join us this Friday August 9th at 9:00am at Geisinger Hospital 1000 East Mountain Blvd. Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18711. If traveling from Philadelphia meet at 6AM at JFK Blvd and 30th St. for rides.

We will be holding a demonstration exposing this out right PLANNED MURDER of DELBERT AFRICA by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Meanwhile call PA DOC Commissioner John Wetzel – 717-728-2573; SCI Dallas Superintendent Kevin Ranson – 570-675-1101 x 351; and Geisinger Hospital – 578-808-7300 to Demand that Delbert Orr Africa, #AM4985, be allowed to call his MOVE family and let them know what is going on.

The MOVE ORGANIZATION would like to update people on what is going on right now as it relates to Delbert Africa. We received word from an anonymous source that Delbert is in fact urinating blood, his bladder is impacted and compromised and colon is starting to show wear and tear from the pressure/over worked kidneys. Fluid is still being drained but not rapidly enough. He is awake, conscious, and talking but weak.

A week ago MOVE political prisoner Delbert Orr Africa was taken out of SCI Dallas and transported to an outside hospital where he has since been held incommunicado. Delbert has not been allowed to call his MOVE Family or blood daughter. Prison and Hospital officials will not release any information to any of us on Delbert or his condition.

When Delbert was taken from SCI Dallas he had swelling from a fluid buildup. We are now hearing from two different sources that Delbert has no more than 72 hours before he dies. Delbert’s daughter, MOVE family members and even his lawyers are being denied access for communication, visitation, contact, and access to documents from prison and hospital officials.

Delbert is scheduled to go before the PA Parole Board this September. MOVE members believe that the government wants to kill Delbert before he can be paroled, and there is evidence that clearly shows this. This government does not want to give ground and parole another innocent MOVE Member, that’s why they are working in conjunction with Prison and hospital officials to murder Delbert.

It would be a feather in the cap for officials to see Delbert DIE. What’s more of a slap in the face is that they are trying to kill him to celebrate on August 8, 1978 – 41 years to the day that Delbert and other MOVE people were kidnapped by this government being innocent and railroaded to prison .

We are highly suspicious of what’s going on here. In 2015 our MOVE 9 Brother Phil Africa was taken to an outside hospital from SCI Dallas with a minor stomach virus. He was held incommunicado for a period of 5 days and upon returning to SCI Dallas he was placed in hospice care only to die a day later.

In March of 1998 after recovering from a stomach virus at SCI Cambridge Springs, MOVE 9 Sister Merle Africa was told by prison officials she was dying only to die a couple of hours later.

The same pattern is repeating itself here.

On Aug. 8, 1978 Delbert was arrested during the Philadelphia police assault on the MOVE house in Powelton Village. Police officer James Ramp died during the 1978 police assault, likely struck by one of the tens of thousands of rounds fired by his fellow officers that day. He was brutally beaten and assaulted by police following this attack.

Nine MOVE members were all found guilty of firing the same bullet and were convicted of murder, assault and conspiracy by the late Judge Edwin S. Malmed. The MOVE 9 were subsequently sentenced to 30 to 100 years in prison.” ( Despite serving over 40 years of a 30-to-100-year sentence, Delbert Africa remains unjustly imprisoned.