NYC: Sat. Sept 14: Close the Camps + PPA Buttonmakerpalooza

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#NoBusinessWithICE: Close the Camps

Saturday, September 14
The New York Public Library (42nd & 5th)

*NOTE: March will step off at 12:15pm sharp! Meet between the two lion statues on the steps of the library*

Children are caged in concentration camps and ICE is terrorizing our communities, all while private corporations continue to provide the support ICE needs to rip families apart. At the end of the day, private companies provide facilities, transportation, tech, research, and myriad other forms of support to this violent institution almost completely under the radar.

Join us for a march and direct action targeting a company that profits at the expense of immigrant lives.

We DEMAND that private companies stop being complicit in the horrific violence against immigrant communities. We DEMAND that private companies cancel all contracts with ICE and withdraw all support that allows the violent institution to continue to carry out its bloody mission.

We DEMAND that private companies sign the pledge to say #NoBusinessWithICE.

We need every single one of you in the streets with us! Please sign up for a non-violent direct action training and to volunteer with us at

ENDORSED BY: Fight for Im/migrants & Refugees Everywhere (FIRE) and NYC Peoples Power Assemblies (PPA)

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