NYC – Sat. Nov. 2 Political Forum: Chile Uprising; 50th Nat’l Day of Mourning; Strikes!

Political Forum
Saturday, November 2, 4pm
@ the Solidarity Center, 147 W. 24 St. 2nd Fl, NYC

Uprising in Chile, 50th National Day of Mourning and Recent Strike Wave

Dinner After the Meeting

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The uprising in
Chile today

Nieves Ayress Moreno
from La Peña del Bronx movement;
Former political prisoner of the
civil-military dictatorship of
Pinochet in Chile

The 50th National Day of Mourning
and the truth of the pilgrims’ invasion

Stephanie Tromblay.
Tromblay is Huron/Metis nonstatus and of mixed Southeast Indigenous heritage.

Upsurge in
Labor Struggles

Siddika Degia
Peoples Power Assemblies NYC organizer
and student at CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies.