SAT Jan 4: Sanctions Kill Campaign Planning Meeting. Sanctions Action called in NYC for March 14!

Meeting to Organize International Days of Action Against Sanctions & Economic War: March 13 – 15, 2020

Saturday, Jan 4 at 2pm
@ the Solidarity Center (147 W. 24 St. 2nd Fl, Manhattan)

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Our first public meeting last month was a success! A packed room of organizers discussed where to hold an NYC Rally during the Days of Action Against Sanctions and Economic War. There was overwhelming support for targeting Wall Street banks on March 14. We also heard reports on the impact of sanctions in several countries.

Join us this Saturday to continue building International Days of Action against Sanctions and Economic War, imposed by the United States and its junior partners against countries that resist their agendas.

At the meeting we will plan a contingent for the January 18 Women’s March under the slogan “U.S. Sanctions kill women in 39 countries” and make initial plans for our March 14 action on Wall Street.

NYC Action Announced:
Saturday, March 14 at 1pm
Rally to End U.S. Imposed Sanctions and Economic War 
40 Wall Street (Trump Building)
Stop Wall Street’s War on the World!

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Call to Action for International Days of Action Against Sanctions and Economic War March 13 – 15, 2020: