Sat. May 23 Revolutionary Healthcare: The Path Forward! Webinar

The Healthcare Workers of WWP invite you to a Webinar this Saturday:

Saturday, May 23
5pm ET/2pm PT

We will examine the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of progressive and revolutionary Healthcare Workers and community organizers. We want not just to update people on what is going on, which we already know and complain about, but to formulate the path forward to a socialist healthcare system which we desperately need.


Sofia Sepulveda, Co-lead organizer for the Medicare for all March in San Antonio

Mateos Chekol, Labor representative for National Nurses United in El Paso, Texas

Brian Shea, Disability rights organizer, Workers World Party, Boston branch

Dr. PB, Endocrinologist working with patients with diabetes

Taegan Stross, Emergency Medical Technician, member of Central Texas branch of Workers World Party

mYia X, WWP member, Revolutionary Student, Cultural Archivist, Warrior Poet, Marxist, Comrade & Ally

Njera Keith, Diaspora oriented, Black organizer with 400+1

Join Us SATURDAY, May 23 at 5pm to discuss: 
Revolutionary Health Care: The Path Forward
While COVID-19 prevents us from gathering in large numbers, WWP remains committed to advocating for revolutionary socialism, and organizing working and oppressed people to overthrow capitalism. As the capitalist crisis continues to deepen, your financial support is more important than ever. Donate with through Venmo (@WorkersWorld) or click below to donate online!