Thur. July 9: Intro to Revolutionary Deep Organizing. REGISTER to participate!

Thursday, July 9
8pm ET/5pm PT

In order for a revolution to succeed, the working class must be organized. Whether it is community organization, or workplace struggle, uniting the working class is essential. And this requires ‘deep organizing’, creating connections with a majority of workers and community members and building power from the bottom up.

Due to the relentless attacks on labor by capitalists during the McCarthy era, many of the best practices that drove the labor movement before the first Red Scare have become less common. But today, as the class struggle intensifies, workers are once again learning the skills needed to organize and form deep connections within their class.

As we enter into a revolutionary period, the need for deep organizing is more pressing than ever. Join us for an introduction to the revolutionary tactics and strategies needed to build working class power!


Sofia Sepulveda – Sofia is a first-generation Mexican American Trans Latina Healthcare organizer for the Texas Organizing Project

Megan Smith – Whole Foods worker, member of Whole Worker & Workers World Party, Philadelphia

Dante Strobino – Organizer with UE Local 150, North Carolina Public Sector Workers Union

Ed Childs – Retired Harvard food service worker and UNITE HERE Local 26 shop steward