Amazon is censoring: We need your help to distribute this book!

November 17, 2020

“Capitalism on a Ventilator” is a new anthology comparing the effective Chinese response to COVID-19 to the disastrous response in the U.S. This book pushes back against the racist anti-China campaign in U.S. media.

However, Amazon is currently censoring the book’s distribution. We need your support to get the book out and to fight back against censorship!

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The U.S. establishment continues its growing hostility toward China, with an accompanying surge in anti-Asian racism. The effort to place this challenging book on a corporate website has turned into a struggle against censorship. Amazon, the world’s largest online bookseller, claims ease of placement and lack of censorship – but failed to deliver.  Make a tax-deductible $25 contribution to oppose Amazon and you’ll be sent a free copy. The book’s table of contents and list of authors, along with four chapters and a donation button, are available at

Instead, the company sent a notice censoring this book and its up-to-date information about COVID-19: “Amazon reserves the right to determine what content we offer according to our content guidelines. Your book does not comply with our guidelines. As a result, we are not offering your book for sale.”

The notice claimed Amazon refers people only to “official sources for advice” on the COVID-19 virus. But the corporation has accepted books with wild pandemic conspiracy theories – that the virus is exaggerated, a hoax or human-made, and that masks and quarantines are useless.

Readers are urged to break the ban on “Capitalism on a Ventilator” by sharing the link widely on social media, along with your short reviews. Maintain pressure against Amazon banning books with a left perspective by tweeting the Washington Post @JeffBezos.

“Capitalism on a Ventilator” was written by people around the world, edited by a U.S. activist and a Chinese activist, and answers a question working people worldwide are asking: Why has China done so much better in containing COVID-19 and saving lives?

Evidence and available data provide a very different answer from that given by the corporate media. China contained the virus because its free medical care and planned economic system are science based and intensely cooperative. By every statistic, countries building socialism have done far better in combating the virus: Cuba, China, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea, to name a few.

We hope you read “Capitalism on a Ventilator” and explore the reasons why China and other countries building socialism are doing better in this pandemic than the capitalist world. Please share the preview chapters:

And your tax-deductible $25 contribution to this campaign against censorship will qualify you for a free copy! 

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