Sat Mar. 27 Webinar: Socialists In Solidarity Against Misogyny, Racism, Union Busting & Imperialism

The Women and Oppressed Genders Caucus of Workers World Party invites you to a webinar this Saturday, March 27:

Saturday, March 27
5pm ET/2pm PT

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Around the world our women and gender oppressed comrades are fighting huge battles against misogyny, racism, union busting and imperialism. The tragic massacre in Atlanta once again shows the interconnectedness between violence against women, especially women of color under capitalism. The pandemic has forced many women out of the workforce. Reasons include jobs shutting down, schools being closed and childcare being expensive and hard to access, and a diminished supply of jobs especially for migrant women. This pandemic has also changed the conditions in the work place for many oppressed people such as incarcerated workers, sex workers and disabled workers who face extreme exposure to Covid. The Amazon workers in Bessemer, Ala., with 43% of them Black women, are now fighting to form a union. Massive strikes and other forms of resistance have been happening in places like India and Occupied Palestine with women in leadership!

Our dynamic panel of women and oppressed gender party members will address all these issues and break down what we can do to fight against these many injustices, and for a socialist future. We have power in numbers and we keep us safe. The capitalist class will never allow patriarchy to crumble and true liberation to be reached for all of our women and gender oppressed comrades. That is why we must dismantle this sexist, racist, transphobic, ableist and overtly bigoted and oppressive system! Join us to hear seven of our revolutionary comrades speak about how we can liberate ourselves and our class.

Special tributes to Rosemary Neidenberg, Joanne Gavin, Sue Davis and Vilma Espin, a founder of the Federation of Cuban Women.

Sponsored by The Women and Oppressed Genders Caucus of Workers World Party.