With days until voting ends in Bessemer, international solidarity with #BAmazonUnion grows

With 5 days remaining until voting for union representation in Bessemer, Alabama ends, the solidarity continues to pour in from across the globe.

The March 20 coordinated day of solidarity concluded with 53 actions in cities across the United States and Canada. See photos and videos from many of these actions posted to the front page of our website here. If you have photos from actions in your city, please be sure to send them to info@supportamazonworkers.org.

Many unions and labor federations around the world marked this international day of action by holding actions or sending solidarity messages via social media and email. They sent a critical message to the majority Black workers fighting to form the first Amazon union in the U.S.: The eyes of the world are on Bessemer and a growing movement is behind the workers there!

Two days after March 20, upwards of 30,000 Amazon workers in Italy conducted the first national strike affecting every aspect of the corporations’ supply chain there. Many of the demands raised by workers in Italy center on the pandemic-related increases in orders being place through Amazon, placing inhumane workloads on warehouse and delivery drivers alike – echoing many of the same issues raised by Amazon workers in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

In addition to putting forward their own struggles during the 24 hour work stoppage on March 22, workers in Italy also raised solidarity with workers in Bessemer. The banner pictured below was raised in Piacenza, Italy. (Source: UNI Global Union)

While it remains to be seen what will happen after March 29, one thing is certain – the workers in Bessemer have inaugurated a new period worker struggle that is only just beginning.

If you have reports to share from your area on March 20 or other actions, worker organizing taking place among Amazon or other workers, or other ideas about how to continue to build this movement, we’d love to hear from you at info@supportamazonworkers.org.

Be on the lookout in the days and weeks ahead for more information and calls to action to continue to rally solidarity around the workers in Bessemer following the end of the voting period there.

Victory to BAmazon Union!