URGENT WEBINAR THIS WEDNESDAY 19th: – How the US Sanctions Starves Nations!

Alex Saab lawyer, Femi Falana, has accepted to participate in a webinar about this important US Sanctions related case.

Caracas, May 16 (OrinocoTribune.com)— Alex Saab has been illegally held by Cape Verdean authorities in jail and most recently in a strange house arrest due to his capacity to bypass US and European illegal sanctions against the Venezuelan people.

Saab, an especial diplomatic envoy of Venezuela at the time of his irregular detention and currently Ambassador of Venezuela to the African Union was instrumental to procure international supplies (fuel, medicines and food) for the Venezuelan people to bypass illegal US and European sanctions.

His detention in despite of his diplomatic immunity violates all international diplomatic provisions and also raised suspicion about Cape Verde respect of international law due to the fact that his illegal detention was done without a proper Interpol red code and later by not respecting ECOWAS ruling against his detention and irregular extradition process to the US.

Wednesday, May 19 at 4pm (US Eastern time).

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