Nicaragua: What we saw, what’s next? Webinar, Sun. Jan. 30

Just after being sworn in, Daniel with Vice President Rosario Murillo and National Assembly President Gustavo Porras. Photo by Jairo Cajina

Sunday, January 30, 3pm ET

Please join us for this 90-minute webinar, to hear from US citizens who attended the January 10 inauguration of Nicaragua’s elected national leaders – President and Vice President, deputies in the National Assembly, members of the Central American Parliament.  Webinar speakers will share their experiences and observations of recent events and advances in the country.

Speakers Include:
Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report
Jemima Pierre, Black Alliance for Peace
Arjae Rebmann, Workers World Party
Teri Mattson, Code Pink
Fred Morris, United Methodist Pastor
Fiorella Isabel, The Convo Couch

Luci Murphy, Claudia Jones School for Political Education