March 1-7: Int’l Week of Action to Stop War with Russia

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March 1 to 7: International Week of Action to Stop War with Russia

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The conflict in Ukraine has escalated to a dangerous level between two nuclear armed states. The United States and its allies continue to portray the current situation as one of Russian aggression without acknowledging that US-backed Ukrainian forces are attacking the Eastern region of the country and killing citizens of Russian ethnicity.

This current escalation is a serious threat to world peace and requires a unified and rapid response by anti-war organizations from around the globe to stop a major war.

To that end, we, the undersigned groups, have agreed to support a week of international action from March 1 to 7 with the following demands on our governments:

— No war with Russia
— Stop the NATO expansion
— No more weapons to Ukraine and the European Union
— Obey international laws and the UN Charter
— Resolve the current conflict within the United Nations Security Council
— Restore the Minsk Agreements
— De-escalate the threat of a nuclear war

No War! No Sanctions! No NATO!

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