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December 2022

Dear friends,

The International Action Center has continued its activism and educational work since the pandemic began. Without missing a beat and observing COVID protocols, the organization has joined with other groups to engage in crucial campaigns protesting growing U.S./NATO military aggression around the world and injustices at home.

Beginning early this year, the organization has attended demonstrations and produced several educational webinars, along with other antiwar forces, with panels explaining NATO’s criminal expansion and role in Ukraine, the increased threats to China and exposing sanctions as a form of economic warfare. The IAC published a new book, in conjunction with the SanctionsKill campaign, about the treacherous role of U.S./U.N. and British sanctions which impact over one-third of the world’s population.

Stop U.S./NATO wars!

The IAC was a founding member and is an active participant in the United National Antiwar Coalition. The IAC actively mobilized for the coalition’s week of antiwar actions from Oct. 15-23, in which 70 actions were held in cities across the U.S. and in Canada. The scope of creative activities ranged from street meetings and demonstrations to banner drops and other messaging which made a visual impact.

Key slogans during those activities were: “Back to the streets! Say NO to U.S. wars!” “Stop Washington’s war moves toward Russia and China” and “Stop endless wars in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, everywhere.” The local activists’ response that week encouraged UNAC member organizations, including the IAC, to continue and intensify our mobilizing efforts.

In that light, UNAC is calling for globally coordinated actions during the week surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday from Jan. 14-22. Dr. King’s highly important message will be highlighted: “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: my own government, I cannot be silent.”

Contact if you or your organization can organize a local event in January.

The IAC staunchly asserts its solidarity with the Palestinian people living under U.S.-backed and -funded Israeli repression and occupation. We call for “U.S. out of Korea!” and “U.S.Hands off Haiti!” Our organization gathered funds for hurricane relief in Cuba, and for medical supplies to aid victims of a horrific oil refinery fire on the island.  And we oppose Washington’s exploitation of the people of Puerto Rico.

SanctionsKill Campaign’s new book

An exciting development has been the publication of a new book, “SANCTIONS: A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy,” created by the IAC in conjunction with the SanctionsKill Campaign.  Webinars and in-person book launch events have been so successful that this edition has sold out. A second edition will be printed in January.  The book is also available in an epub format.  (See

This book, a challenging anthology with essays by many activist-writers, describes the devastating impact of U.S./U.N. sanctions on over 40 countries, one-third of the world’s population.  But in a fundamental change, many countries in the Global South are refusing to honor the harsh sanctions that hinder their access to essential grains and energy sources. So the sanctions have boomeranged back on the U.S. and European Union economies. The dollar is being challenged as the currency of global trade, which threatens Washington’s global hegemony.

A webinar featuring contributors to the new book will take place on Dec. 10. See for a list of speakers and information on how to register to view it.

Support workers’ rights!

Another dynamic organization housed in the Solidarity Center, home to the IAC, is the Workers Assembly Against Racism which has mobilized this year to build popular solidarity with the young workers, many people of color, working at Amazon and Starbucks cafes in their drive to unionize.  WAAR supported the Amazon Labor Union’s successful union drive in a Staten Island warehouse, aided by street actions and phone campaigns from the Solidarity Center, supplying banners and signs.

WAAR members joined several protests against the billionaire CEOs of Amazon and Starbucks. And they built support for seven young union organizers fired from a Memphis, Tennessee Starbucks eatery, who were finally reinstated after a struggle and NLRB decision.  WAAR was thanked for their help.

WAAR’s actions brought together striking Columbia students, migrant workers in the Laundry Workers Center, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, museum workers and more.  WAAR activists supported the LWC’s drive for union rights and higher pay for mostly Latinx migrant workers in laundry, construction and other low-wage jobs.  Significant victories have been won. for workers backed by LWC. WAAR activists have attended street actions promoting international solidarity  with peoples’ movements in Puerto Rico, Palestine, Colombia and Brazil.

Taking on the issues

The IAC decries all attacks on peoples’ rights around the country.  The organization opposes all forms of bigotry and white supremacy.  We denounce state attacks on our rights. Our activists join in anti-racist movements and actions opposing police violence, especially aimed at people of color.  We call for rights and respect for im/migrants, often fleeing war and unbearable poverty.


The organization, especially the Philadelphia chapter, joins the Mobilization4Mumia, in working for the release of African American political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. We call for the release of  political prisoners Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Alex Saab, Leonard Peltier, and  freedom for unjustly imprisoned people, disproportionately Black and Latinx.  We protest the use of the racist, brutal death penalty, a practice outlawed around the world.

And the IAC supports health care and reproductive rights for all with no state intervention.  And we express solidarity with the LGBTQ2S+ community against governmental and ultraright attacks.  We join with people with disabilities in demanding respect and full rights.

The Boston IAC chapter provides logistical and other help to the United American Indians of New England for their yearly commemoration of the National Day of Mourning on so-called “Thanksgiving” in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

On the move! We need your help!

The Solidarity Center will be moving into a new office this winter.  But its work and support for many peoples’ movements and actions won’t end.  The Center will continue to offer its space to allied groups for meeting and organizing purposes.

The IAC helps fund the Solidarity Center.  Our activism could not happen without our loyal donors’ support.  We have an all-volunteer staff, and no matter how committed and determined we are, the monthly bills and costs of political activism must be paid.  Your continued financial assistance and political support not only aids our work, but inspires us to do more.

Given the growing military aggression by the U.S. and its allies and the injustices and attacks on people’s rights at home, the IAC has to be ready to respond quickly.  We are always eager to join in street protests, participating with other forces and making our voices heard.

We hope that you give generously.

PLEASE DONATE: Our activism could not happen without our loyal donors’ support!

In solidarity and with appreciation,

International Action Center organizers.

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