Scott Ritter: U.S. SANCTIONS boomerang back

Scott Ritter, Political and Military Analyst, Former U.S. Marine Officer and United Nations Weapons Inspector, said the following about “Sanctions, a Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy“:

I observed first­ hand, from 1991­ – 2002, the inhumanity and ineffectiveness of US ­led sanctions targeting Iraq.

I can say without fear of contradiction that the publication of “Sanctions—A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy” provides a much­ needed source of historical and current information about the nefarious reality of America’s go­to policy of choice—sanctions.

With US ­led sanctions on Russia boomeranging back to harm the sanctioning parties more than the sanctioned, it is critical that the public at large get involved in the kind of informed debate, discussion, and dialogue necessary to effect change on the part of those who continue to view sanctions as a viable policy option.

This book serves as an invaluable resource in that effort. –W. Scott Ritter

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Intensifying US sanctions, imposed on a third of humanity, are sending shock waves through the world economy. Now this brutal form of economic warfare on civilian populations is being contested.

The sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela are closing off every form of exchange.

Sanctions have boomeranged back on the US and EU countries with inflation, supply chain shortages, and a looming recession causing hardship at home. But by far the greatest burden is borne by 40+ sanctioned countries. The US response is doubling down on harsher sanctions. What are the implications?

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