Int’l conference to stop the Third World War set in Rome Oct. 27-28

By Richie Merino
September 21, 2023

Support is growing for an international conference demanding the dissolution of NATO, an end to arms shipments to Ukraine, and an end to sanctions on Russia. The conference, taking place in Rome, Italy, on Oct. 27-28, seeks to build a strong international coalition against NATO and advocates for a multipolar world based on respect for the sovereignty of nations and the self-determination of peoples.

The stated objectives of the conference challenge the narrative presented by Western imperialists and their spokespeople in corporate media, who justify their direct support for the regime in Kiev as necessary to repel “Russian aggression.” Instead, the conference organizers identified the U.S.-NATO-European Union coalition as the real aggressors, who are taking advantage of the dissolution of the Soviet Union to subdue the former Soviet bloc nations and encircle Russia politically, economically and militarily.

The ultimate goal of the Western imperialists is regime change in Moscow, to impose a weak government or even to break up Russia into many smaller, weaker, and easy-to-control countries. This would allow corporate oligarchs in the U.S., Western Europe and Japan to exploit Russia’s people and natural resources. And it would remove Russia as an obstacle to a U.S.-led war against China.

The conference appeals for immediate actions to defuse the conflict, including the cessation of U.S./Western arms shipments to Ukraine, an end to the sanctions on Russia as well as the Russophobic campaign, and the invalidation of the statement condemning Russia as a terrorist state. Additionally, the conference calls for a truly neutral and democratic Ukraine and the dissolution of NATO to stop the nuclear arms race and prevent the outbreak of a third world war.

Building a united, anti-imperialist front

By bringing together anti-imperialist individuals and organizations worldwide, the conference seeks to build a united front against U.S./European militarism and imperialism, with the ultimate goal of building a multipolar world based on respect for all peoples and nationalities. The Anti-NATO Conference in Rome aims to establish a strong international coalition that can work towards ending U.S. global hegemony and promoting cooperation and mutually beneficial trade among nations.

The organizers invite individuals, organizations and peace advocates worldwide to endorse and attend an international peace conference to “stop the Third World War” in Rome on Oct. 27-28, 2023. Already, over 86 organizations from more than 33 countries have signed on to the list of demands, urging immediate action to defuse the tensions and promote dialogue. These organizations recognize the active role the international working class must play in dismantling NATO, the attack dog of U.S./European imperialism, as a precondition to achieving lasting peace.

By endorsing the list of demands, you can add your voice to the growing coalition that advocates for:

  • The immediate halting of arms shipments to Ukraine.
  • An end to the sanctions on Russia, as well as the cessation of the Russophobic campaign.
  • The invalidation of the statement condemning Russia as a terrorist state.
  • An armistice between the belligerent forces, allowing for peaceful negotiations.
  • The establishment of a truly neutral and democratic Ukraine.
  • The cessation of the arms race and the dissolution of NATO.

Your endorsement can make a difference. We urge you to join us in Rome and be part of this historic event. Only the popular struggle of the international working class can defeat the forces of U.S./Western militarism and imperialism.

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