2 NYC emergency actions for heroic Palestine uprising

2 NYC emergency actions for the Heroic Uprising in Palestine
Join us in support: FREE Palestine!

1 pm today Sunday October 8
Times Square (Broadway and West 42nd Street)
2 pm Monday October 9
Zionist embassy (800 2nd Avenue at East 42nd Street)

From Al-Awda NewYork:

Today, an unprecedented series of events has taken place, led by our heroic resistance in Gaza who have shown the world yet again that the spirit of the Palestinian people cannot and will not be trampled, and that our resistance to Zionism and Western imperialism remains strong.

More than 30 Zionist hostages have been captured, several settlements surrounding Gaza have fallen, and the walls that have entrapped and suffocated Gaza for over 17 years have been broken. By land, air, and sea, the resistance’s offensive has set a new precedent for our national liberation struggle and has re-insisted on that which all the oppressed peoples of the world already understand: that we have the right to return, and resist occupation, oppression, and ethnic cleansing by any means necessary.

We call on our people in the far diaspora in the New York area to uplift and honor our resistance and our martyrs. Join us this Sunday, October 8 at 1 pm at Times Square (between 42nd & 41st St. at Broadway) to march and to celebrate our ever-nearing liberation! 🇵🇸

🗓️ Oct 8, 1pm
📍Times Square (Between 42nd & 41st St. at Broadway)