Israel, Ukraine, China and Biden

October 25, 2023

By his recent visit to Israel to show U.S. backing for that state’s genocidal war on the people of Gaza, his ordering two aircraft carrier groups of warships to the Eastern Mediterranean and his appeal to Congress for more military funds, President Joe Biden put U.S. imperialism on the front lines of a potential regional war.

His trip, his speech to the U.S. public and his request to Congress were disguised and distorted by the most powerful propaganda machine in world history. This must be kept in mind to clear away the tidal wave of lies and allow a clear look at Washington’s leading role in dragging humanity toward another world war.

Any prattling about “democracy vs. autocracy” or “absolute evil” or “terrorism” or “concern for hostages” is aimed to create a smoke screen to hide Washington’s real motives. Biden uttered those phrases to deceive the world’s people, and especially the people of the United States, about the true role of U.S. imperialism.

War criminals, Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu

Focus instead on the following historical fact: The U.S. billionaire ruling class and its state became the leading imperialist power at the end of World War II and dominant when the Soviet Union dissolved. As the current U.S. president, Biden is the CEO of world imperialism, serving big U.S., West European and Japanese industries and banks, technology firms and media monopolies that dominate and plunder the world and exploit its working class.

Is it a coincidence that only the governments of those imperialist countries support and fund the proxy war against Russia and back Israel against the Palestinians?

In a 1992 document, when the U.S. ruling class was ecstatic with triumph over the fall of the USSR, U.S. strategists declared their intention to gain and maintain dominance in every world region.

Biden’s actions during the recent period fit this strategy. Discard then what he said and what the corporate media repeated without end, with the goal of making a lie believable. Instead, pay attention to the military moves of the Pentagon and follow the money.

Biden has ordered two U.S. aircraft carrier groups — each of which includes dozens of supporting warships — to the eastern Mediterranean to threaten to unleash carnage against Hezbollah, the resistance in Syria, and Iraq and Iran. Their primary purpose is to provide cover to the Israeli assault on the people of Gaza and prevent aid to the Palestinians.

Remember when Biden’s election campaign promised relief from student debt, improved healthcare and education and a better life for the poorest U.S. people? Those promises have been discarded and instead — follow the money — he requested $61 billion for NATO’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and $14 million for Israel’s war against Gaza.

And to assure he includes another target region, he asked for $7 billion, a down payment, for military expansion in the Indo-Pacific region. That is, to provoke China.

Since Biden’s domestic opponent is the nefarious Donald Trump, he might look in comparison like a somewhat doddering public servant. That’s a false image.

Biden has been rubbing shoulders with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and others in the Israeli regime who openly talk like Nazis and act like Nazis. During his decades in Congress, Biden funded the two wars against Iraq, the destruction of Yugoslavia and a 20-year war against Afghanistan, and he was vice president during the destruction of Libya. Biden never met an imperialist war he didn’t like, including the proxy war in Ukraine.

While not a direct military package, there was another part to Biden’s request to Congress – that one was for another $14 billion for “managing” the Mexico-U.S. border. Is this his program now, or is he throwing a bone to the ultra-right xenophobes to make sure his military package passes?

Strip away the “democratic” rhetoric, and Biden is as big a warmonger as any recent U.S. president. And his backing for Israel is meant to keep a high-tech military ally and enemy of popular revolutions as an unmovable aircraft carrier in the Middle East.