The Government Media Office in Gaza on the disruption of communications and internet

The following statement from the Government Media Office in Gaza was released by Resistance News Network on Nov. 13, 2023:

We warn of the serious repercussions and dire consequences that will arise from committing this new crime against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. This means a complete cover-up of all the war crimes committed by the Nazi “Israeli” army around the clock against hospitals, homes and hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Demonstrators carry a long scroll with names of over 8,000 Palestinians murdered by the Israeli assault in Gaza. Washington, D.C., Nov. 4, 2023. Credit: Joe Piette

This new crime will significantly contribute to exacerbating the humanitarian disaster due to the ongoing war on the Gaza Strip. This means that more than 2.3 million people in the Strip will not be able to communicate with rescue, emergency, relief, medical services, civil defense, municipalities and all governmental and non-governmental institutions. They will also be unable to communicate with each other, which amounts to a death sentence for the entire Gaza Strip.

We hold the “Israeli” occupation, the international community and especially the United States of America fully responsible for this crime that violates international law and various global charters and constitutes a violation of the most basic rights enshrined in international customs.

The “Israeli” occupation has imposed a severe and unjust blockade on the Gaza Strip for 17 years, and today it is trying to exacerbate this blockade by deliberately cutting off communications and the internet, isolating the Gaza Strip completely from the outside world and practicing the most heinous actions imaginable and unimaginable.

The ongoing fuel exhaustion catastrophe in the Gaza Strip still represents a real, deep crisis and a stain on the conscience of humanity. The prevention of fuel access to the Gaza Strip means a complete halt to life. We have made hundreds of appeals for fuel entry, but no one has taken any action.

We urgently call on all Arab and Islamic countries, the free world and specifically the International Telecommunication Union, as well as all organizations, bodies and international institutions without exception, to take immediate and urgent action to prevent this new humanitarian disaster against the Gaza Strip and to allow the entry of fuel from this moment, enabling all health, service and vital sectors, including telecommunications, to provide services to our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.