Hamas on ‘falsehood of the Zionist narrative’ on Oct. 7 event

November 20, 2023

The following statement was issued by Hamas — Islamic Resistance Movement — on Nov. 19, 2023, on new revelation regarding the Oct. 7 events. 

What the Hebrew media published reveals the falsehood of the Zionist narrative that underpinned the genocide in the Gaza Strip, aiming to displace our Palestinian people from their land.

The Hebrew media’s reports, which confirmed that a Zionist warplane bombed [settler] partygoers in the Gaza envelope on Oct. 7, indisputably prove that the occupation government fabricated lies and false narratives about the events of that day to justify the murder and genocide committed by the terrorist occupation forces, aiming to displace Palestinians from their lands and homes.

This investigation refutes all the official Zionist claims and narratives, which promoted many lies, including the lie of killing children and beheading them, which the occupation could not prove, as well as the burning of civilians.

A revelation by an occupation official about approximately 200 bodies among hundreds of charred corpses, analyzed to be Palestinian, debunks the Zionist claim of the resistance burning settler corpses. This confirms they were killed by Zionist bombing based on the Hannibal Directive, which dictates killing captives and their captors to prevent hostage operations.

The facts that have begun to unfold reveal the deception and misinformation practiced by the fascist occupation government to the world and which are still ongoing in its frenzied war on hospitals and civilian facilities like the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, under false pretexts and fabricated stories.

What’s demanded is a firm international stance to stop these unprecedented violations being committed today in the Gaza Strip, based on false and misleading narratives. It must bring all those involved in these violations to accountability, by forming an international court for war crimes committed by the occupation and its leaders against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

We call on the U.S. administration, Western capitals and Western media, which adopted the false Zionist narrative without verification, to retract their positions supporting the genocide against our Palestinian people, violating all international laws and conventions. They should take responsibility for stopping the aggression and halting the massacres and ethnic cleansing crimes against our people.

Islamic Resistance Movement — Hamas

Sunday: 05 Jumada al-Awwal 1445H

Corresponding: November 19, 2023