Genocide and Resistance, Then and Now

Middle Passage of Africans to be sold as enslaved people in the Americas – 16th to 19th centuries.

Nat Turner plotting anti-slave rebellion, 1831 in Virginia.


Trail of Tears -1838-1839: Forced migration of Indigenous people from their homeland to Oklahoma, part of Andrew Jackson’s “Indian” removal policy.

In 2015 the Standing Rock Sioux Nation passed a resolution: “The Dakota Access Pipeline poses a serious risk to the very survival of our Tribe and … would destroy valuable cultural resources.”


Living conditions under Tsarist Russia.

Lenin addresses the Russian peasants, 1905.


Spanish fascists bomb Guernica – April 26,1937, painted by Pablo Picasso, May 1- June 4, 1937.

Communist resistance fighters during the Spanish Civil War against the fascists.


Warsaw Ghetto, 1943.

Warsaw resistance fighter, 1944.


U.S. napalm bombing of Vietnam: 1963 – 1973.

Vietnamese woman liberation fighter captures U.S. soldier.


Gaza, 2023.

Hamas resistance fighters.



“Lenin set down in theoretical form the defense of rights of colonies and semi-colonies (neocolonies today) to secede from imperialist oppressors.” —Vince Copeland, Lenin: Thinker, Fighter, Jan. 21, 1989

Thus Lenin declared in 1920: “Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!”