New York City: Monday global strikes for Palestine

By Toni Arenstein
December 22, 2023

New York City

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has called for global strikes to take on Mondays until the Zionist aggression and genocide against the Palestinian people ends. They stated, “The duty today for all the free people of the world, especially the sons and daughters of the Arab nation, is to escalate pressure and protest using all means of struggle and its forms and tools, to strike the interests of the forces of aggression, besiege their embassies and bases and prevent financial and military support to the Zionist entity that slaughters and besieges our people.” (Resistance News Network, Dec. 10)

New York City, Dec. 11, 2023. PHOTO: Toni Arenstein

A demonstration took place on Monday, Dec. 11 in New York City organized by Al-Awda NY at the United Nations where the General Assembly was voting on a cease-fire in Gaza resolution. Although the vote for the cease-fire passed, it was not binding.

The demonstration marched throughout the city, stopping in front of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), the organization that assisted in stealing Palestinian land before and after 1948. JNF carried out ethnic cleansing against Palestinians by advocating and funding illegal settlements on stolen land, a violation of international law.

There was also an action outside the New York Times organized by the Peoples Forum to protest their ongoing support for Israel’s genocidal bombing in Gaza.

Within Our Lifetime organized a Monday, Dec.18 citywide protest convergence as part of the global strike. The march route hit many key transportation points like Penn Station, Port Authority, New York Times, Starbucks and McDonald’s, culminating at Grand Central Station. This action was able to shut down many streets and transportation hubs.

The International Action Center participated in these Monday global strikes and will continue to do so.