Yemeni military denounces deadly U.S. attacks

January 1, 2024

The following statement, issued by the Yemeni Armed Forces, was published by Resistance News Network, Dec. 31, 2023. 

Yemeni Armed Forces take over an Israeli owned ship in the Red Sea, Nov. 19, 2023.

While the Naval Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) were carrying out their routine official duties in reinforcing security and stability and protecting maritime navigation, in addition fulfilling their humanitarian and ethical duty declared by Yemen in prohibiting “Israeli” ships or those heading to the ports of occupied Palestine from passing through the Red Sea in solidarity and support of the Palestinian people, the U.S. enemy forces attacked three boats belonging to the Yemeni Naval Forces, resulting in the martyrdom and loss of ten naval personnel.

Yemeni martyrs

As the YAF exalt these martyrs for the sake of Palestine in the midst of the support battle for Al-Aqsa Flood, we affirm that the U.S. enemy bears the consequences and repercussions of this crime, and that its military movements in the Red Sea to protect “Israeli” ships will not prevent Yemen from fulfilling its religious, ethical and humanitarian duty in support and aid of the oppressed in Palestine and Gaza.

We also urge other nations not to engage in the dangerous U.S. course, which will have negative repercussions that could affect everyone.

In another context, the Yemeni Naval Forces (YNF) successfully executed a military operation targeting the container ship “Maersk Hangzhou,” which was headed to the ports of occupied Palestine, using appropriate naval missiles.

This targeting operation followed the refusal of the ship’s crew to respond to the warning calls of the YNF.

The YAF reiterate their previous statements regarding the prevention of all “Israeli” ships or those headed to the ports of occupied Palestine from passing, while maintaining complete care for maritime navigation to all destinations except for the “Israeli” entity.

The YAF renews their advice to all countries not to be drawn into U.S. plans aimed at igniting conflict in the Red Sea and affirm that they will not hesitate to confront any aggression against our country and our people.

The YAF calls upon our great Yemeni people and all the free people of our Arab and Islamic nation to be highly vigilant and be prepared for all options in the face of the U.S. escalation that supports the criminal Zionist entity and encourages it to commit more crimes in Gaza.

The statement was lightly edited.