Stop the war on Yemen!

 January 11, 2024

The International Action Center condemns the U.S. and British imperialist governments for their unjustifiable attacks on Yemen Jan. 11. This latest aggression is a direct expansion of the genocidal war they have been collaborating with in Gaza. It coincides with the charges of that genocide against Israel in the International Court of Justice, brought by South Africa.

Emergency demo in Times Square, New York City, Jan. 11, 2024. PHOTO: Jason Cohen

This attack on Yemen exposes the lies from the Biden administration about taking every step to avoid expanding the war in the region. Once again after the invasions of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, Washington and its NATO allies, first and foremost its top junior partner in London, have attacked another country in the West Asia region.

The Biden administration sounded like the imperialists of old. It justified its attack on the Yemeni people with prattle about freedom of commerce. No, genocide Joe, what is at risk is freedom of pillage. It’s freedom for the powerful imperialist states to exploit the labor and steal the natural resources of the world, especially of the Global South.

Starting during the Barack Obama administration, the U.S. aided Saudi Arabia’s war against the Yemeni people and their government, the Ansarallah movement. That means that besides expanding the U.S.-Israeli war against Palestine, Washington is intervening directly in the war against Yemen.

The U.S.’s Saudi clients had waged that war against Yemen for nearly a decade. The Riad monarchy stopped only when it saw it couldn’t win. The Ansarallah movement and its fighters kept going against the Saudis –– who were backed by Pentagon technology –– and they won. And they have acted in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza by disrupting shipping to the Israeli state.

Now, in response to the U.S.-British assault, the Yemenis are speaking with confidence. Member of Ansarallah political bureau, Ali Al-Qahoum, said this Jan. 11:

“The battle will exceed the imagination and expectations of the Americans and the British. The war has opened, and the Americans and the British will regret their aggression and pay a high price. The Yemeni Armed Forces are responding to the American and British warships in the Red Sea. A fierce war in the Red Sea, and we targeted American and British military sites and bases.” (Resistance News Network)

The International Action Center condemns the U.S. expansion of the war and condemns the attack on the Yemeni people. We also have a message for the U.S. population and especially to those who have been in the streets protesting the genocide in Gaza.

This new aggression by the U.S. government and its imperialist allies is also a threat to the U.S. working class. We must mobilize against the new expansion of the war just as we have against the slaughter in Gaza. We must reach broader and broader sections of the working class, whose real interests can only be won by fighting the expansion of the war.

No bombing of Yemen!  Defend Yemen’s right to resistance!

Imperialism out of West Asia!