Palestinian resistance update on ceasefire talks

March 1, 2024

The following statement from Metras Global, a volunteering initiative based on @metraswebsite which creates research oriented content on Palestine and its resistance, appeared on Resistance News Network on Feb. 28, 2024.

United Palestinian resistance groups

Spreading an “optimistic” atmosphere for approaching a deal by the [Zionist] occupation aims to put a pressure on the Resistance and hold it responsible in case the agreement fails, as there is still a huge gap between the demands of the Resistance and what is being offered.

The primary demands of the Resistance are to preserve the dignity of the people and ensure that Gaza does not become a stage for the occupation to carry out its policies and military operations. Therefore, since the beginning of the war, the Resistance has set a series of conditions to achieve a permanent ceasefire, which is the primary condition that prevents transforming the Strip into a target for the occupation.

Moreover, the Resistance wants the forcefully displaced Gazans, especially those from the north, to return to their homes, which mitigates their suffering and forestalls the plans of displacement. This is in addition to the entry of sufficient aid, relief materials and reconstruction supplies. However, what is being offered is nothing but extortion against the Resistance and its people, starving them and shedding their blood and halting any potential escalation in the West Bank if the war continues during Ramadan, after which killing and destruction resume.

We shall consider this news as part of the psychological and propaganda war, for which the media is an integral part of the military operation. Therefore, our role as media is to support the Resistance and our people, not to be the bridge through which the psychological war passes.