Workers World: May Day means ‘Solidarity with Palestine’

May Day is a day of solidarity with workers everywhere. This year’s priority is to support the besieged Palestinian people in their struggle against U.S.-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza – in every type of action, everywhere.

Workers World newspaper has given prominent coverage to the racist Israeli state’s war against Palestinians since October 7.  Our articles refute corporate media lies and tell the truth about U.S. imperialism’s historic role of supporting and arming the brutal Zionist state. This paper has been pro-Palestine since it began publishing.

WW highlights the role of the Palestinian resistance forces and reprints and posts their statements online. Our articles tell of the massive global demonstrations calling for a ceasefire and an end to Israel’s genocide, destruction and occupation.

WW reports on the three-city occupation of corporate offices by Google workers objecting to their company’s contracts with Israel to develop AI to more efficiently aim their weapons at Palestinians.  Articles covered the West Coast International Longshore Workers Union locals honoring the “Block the Boat” picket lines aimed at stopping weapons bound for Israel.  WW lauds the union contingents in pro-Palestine marches around the U.S.

Our reporters have joined the worker/student occupation at Columbia University protesting U.S.-backed Israeli genocide. We welcome the burgeoning campus actions as the struggle deepens.

As May Day’s militant legacy is marked by working-class protests against capitalist exploiters and solidarity actions worldwide, gains are celebrated, too.

WW applauds the worker-led union drives at 400 Starbucks stores which pushed the bosses to the negotiating table. Our pages covered the victorious autoworkers’ strikes, which inspired Tennessee Volkswagen workers to unionize; they are now celebrating their vote to join the United Auto Workers. We congratulate the actors and writers who carried out militant months-long strikes – and won.

WW newspaper is partisan. Our coverage sides with workers in their struggles for unionization and gains in timely articles and our biweekly column “On the Picket Line.”  Our staff members often join the picket lines.

Protesters outside the United Nations, New York City, Nov. 20, 2023. Photo: Toni Arenson

On this May Day, WW expresses solidarity with all workers – the millions of Black, Latiné, Indigenous, Arab, Asian, immigrants, women and other gender-oppressed people, LGBTQ2S+, disabled, low-paid, jobless, incarcerated, young and elderly.

WW agrees with May Day’s socialist founders: End capitalism! Fight for socialism!  Today we add: Stop U.S.-backed Israeli genocide! Free Palestine!

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