A Pan-Abolitionist prayer for Leonard Peltier – a poem

June 14, 2024

By Julia Wright

“The only accounts we owe are to our children, the ancestors and those not yet born.”
Amílcar Cabral, whom I was honored to meet in Accra

just as we carry

our African roots

deep in the soil

of our ancestral memory

we live

and breathe

Pan Africanism

part of our praxis

and history


we pour libation to Kwame Nkrumah

and George Padmore

and T.R. Makonnen

and the freedom fighters

of the liberation movements

that trained

in Accra

to wrest independence

from the imperial vampire


we pour libation

to those who taught us

that the independence

of one African State

is nothing

unless it is connected

to the independence

of them all

and today

we vow we will not rest

till Leonard Peltier’s life

is wrested from the carceral empire –

we vow he will walk free

because his liberation

is connected

to the freedom

of them all


to the freedom of all political prisoners –

our own independence warriors


death by incarceration


to the freedom

of us all



we will light candles

till night’s end


at dawn

Pan Abolitionism –

the dream

in the gleam

of the eyes of our children

the ancestors

and those not yet born –

will begin to manifest

after our slavery-old quest


(c) Julia Wright.

June 9, 2024.

All Rights Reserved to the Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee, freeleonardpeltiernow.org