Hezbollah’s response to Israel: ‘Any war will be the final war’

June 12, 2024

The following statement is from Hezbollah Resource and Border Affairs Official Nawaf Al-Musawi to Al-Mayadeen, published by Resistance News Network on June 7, 2024.  On June 11, Taleb Sami Abdallah, “Haj Abu Taleb”, a leader of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, was assassinated in a Zionist airstrike in the town of Jwayya in southern Lebanon.   

The enemy does not possess the necessary weapons in its arsenal for a war against Lebanon. The “israeli” occupation needs weapons from Washington for any war it wishes to wage against Lebanon. After any war with Lebanon, the region will not be the same as it was before.

The next war with “israel” will be the final war. If the brothers in Gaza had not carried out the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, they would now be reciting Al-Fatiha over the Palestinian cause. [It would be dead.]

The Palestinian resistance in Gaza, after eight months of fighting, continues to strike the enemy and inflict losses. The weaponry the Islamic Resistance decides to use is dictated by necessity, and they also have undisclosed weapons.

The resistance deemed it necessary to use air defense systems against warplanes terrorizing civilians. Palestinian resistance is a reaction to occupation, with “israel” committing acts of genocide. The spying capabilities used by the occupation can cover areas up to Europe. It was crucial for the resistance to attack espionage devices [used] to obscure the occupation.

The war on the southern borders aims to engage the enemy and pressure it to stop the war on Gaza. The occupation’s leaders lack knowledge of the resistance’s true capabilities. Any war will be the final war.

The Prime Minister and Speaker are negotiating with Western envoys about border issues. The resistance is not seeking to leverage border confrontations for internal political gains, specifically regarding the presidency. The goal is to stop the massacres in Gaza.

Western governments believe the “israeli” military’s current combat methods are ineffective. The United Nations has recorded over 400 “israeli” violations of Resolution 1701 each month.

This statement was lightly edited.