New York City: Solidarity with the Kenyan, Haitian masses

By Brenda Ryan
July 1, 2024

Protesters rallied in front of the Kenya  Consulate at U.N. Plaza in New York City on June 28 to oppose Kenya’s role in the occupation of Haiti. Chanting “Genocide in Haiti, Made in the USA. Genocide in Gaza, Made in the USA,” they called for the resignation of President William Ruto of Kenya and an end to the country’s military occupation of Haiti.

New York City, June 28, 2024. Photo: Brenda Ryan

Jason Cohen of Friends of Swazi Freedom noted that the Kenyan police killed at least 20 people on the day they stormed parliament protesting the finance bill and that on June 27 they reportedly killed 250 people as they left a protest.

Cohen said: “Ruto is acting as a puppet to protect U.S. and U.N. interests in Haiti by aiding the occupation. We are here to be in solidarity with the Kenyan protesters and further call on the Haitian masses to get the police out.”

The demonstration was called by Friends of Swazi Freedom, Black Alliance for Peace NY/NJ, Bronx Anti-War Coalition, Workers World Party and Komokoda, among others.

– Photo and caption by Brenda Ryan