A Call to Action: On July 24, NO free speech for war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu! Solidarity with Palestine!

July 3, 2024

“We call on the nations of the world and freedom-loving people everywhere to take the initiative, intensify supportive activities for our people and resistance and reject the war of extermination.” – Popular Resistance Committees in Palestine

July 24 is a moment for which the whole movement should begin considering, planning and strategizing for mass actions, shut-downs, stay-aways, sit-ins, walkouts, traffic blocks, work stoppages, strikes and more.

(Graphic: inminds.com)

In every city of the U.S. and internationally we have a responsibility to denounce Netanyahu’s address to Congress. This is an event designed to normalize and give an embrace to Israeli apartheid.

We encourage every group and individual of conscience to think about what can be done collectively on July 24. This is a moment for breaking ranks with the genocidal established order.

There is a protest already called at the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C., on July 24. We hope this will be as large as possible and encourage anyone who is able to go to D.C. Visit:  answercoalition.org.

There are also local forces organizing visits to Congressional representatives demanding they not attend.

Netanyahu is charged as a war criminal by the International Criminal Court!
We must demand this vicious mass murderer be arrested, not honored by his criminal collaborators!

What we see in this invitation to address the U.S. Congress is beyond shameful and does not represent us. Real alternatives of resistance must be found within ourselves and our movement for change.

This is a moment when much more is possible. Organizations large and small, national forces, working-class organizations, student committees, community groups, religious groups and autonomous forces should begin to make creative and mass plans locally.

The United Palestinian Resistance has made it clear since October 7 that every person, organization and movement has an important role to play in the global struggle against apartheid Israel and its imperialist backers, especially the U.S.

Our actions represent the solidarity of millions of people. Our potential is enormous!

This is a moment when ideas are infectious and outrage is great.