Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the British elections

July 6, 2024

The following press release on the “British elections, Gaza is present, and Conservatives punished in British Elections,” was issued by the The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Media Department on July 6, 2024, by Resistance News Network. 

The recent British elections saw a significant victory for the Labour Party and a defeat for the Conservative Party, reflecting the British people’s lack of confidence in Conservative policies.

These policies – which were not limited to internal affairs but also included foreign positions such as support for the “israeli” occupation and the genocide in Gaza – were rejected by many Britons.

The Palestinian people suffer from Conservative policies that support the “israeli” occupation and its aggressive practices. The defeat of the Conservatives is a lesson on the necessity of adopting fair and equitable policies and moving away from colonial approaches.

The new British government, led by the Labour Party, must correct the previous wrong course, especially given the Labour Party’s previous history of supporting aggressive policies in the region. We, in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, deeply appreciate everyone who has defended the rights of the Palestinian people, especially those who rejected the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The daily massacres committed by Zionist occupation forces must stop, and international popular and parliamentary support represents an important pillar in our struggle for freedom and justice.

What we demand is not just a superficial change in British policy but a radical transformation that re-evaluates British relations with the Zionist occupation and places the just rights of the Palestinian people at the heart of foreign policy.

We affirm that real change comes from the pulse of the street and continuous popular movements, especially in universities. We attach our demands [directed] to the new British government led by the Labour Party:

  1. Reconsider the classification of Palestinian resistance on the terrorist lists, as resistance is a legitimate right for any people under occupation.
  1. Stop the operations of “israeli” companies in Britain, especially “israeli” arms factories like Elbit Systems, which contribute to Zionist genocide.
  1. Apologize for the Balfour Declaration and recognize it as a mistake as a first step towards atoning for the crime of the century committed against the Palestinian people.
  1. Cease colonial policies in the region and [do] not participate in the axis of evil led by the United States, especially in Yemen and other countries. We in the Front call for the continuation of popular activities, marches and sit-ins and for developing and expanding comprehensive boycott campaigns against the Zionist entity and its supporters in Britain.