EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER: Help Restore Air Conditioning in the Solidarity Center!

A packed meeting at the Solidarity Center in solidarity with the struggle for a free Palestine

This week, the air conditioner at the Solidarity Center died of over work in a heat wave. Many groups meet at the Solidarity Center and rely on its facilities.

It is much more difficult for activists and their essential personal and basic office equipment to work when it is really hot.

August into September is a hot time of year in NYC, hotter still with global warming.

This August is a time of crisis, with white supremacist massacres, growing raids and attacks on migrants, children in cages, racist police violence, continuing use of starvation sanctions on 30 targeted countries, intensifying trade war with China and escalating military threats.

For our large office (by NYC standards) the needed cooling equipment is a big expense. So we are turning to our friends and supporters to help us continue.

>>> DONATE NOW! <<<

Maybe you have attended meetings, work sessions, discussions, defense committees, planning sessions or classes at Solidarity Center.Or you know that the many groups that use our facilities are an essential part of  the revolutionary resistance to Trump and systematic white supremacy, endless imperialist wars, mass incarceration. These organizations include:

  • Peoples Power Assemblies NYC – PPA
  • International Action Center – IAC
  • Fight for Refugees & Im/Migrants Everywhere – FIRE
  • Workers World Party – WWP
  • Shut It Down
  • International League of Peoples Struggles – ILPS
  • United National Antiwar Coalition – UNAC
  • People’s MTA
  • Acción Revolucion de Ecuador
  • Jericho Movement to Free All Political Prisoners
  • Call to Action in Puerto Rico
  • Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition
  • Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
  • Pakistan USA Freedom Forum
  • May 1 Worker & Immigrant Coalition
  • Brooklyn-Anti Gentrification Network – BAN
  • NY Boricua Resistance
  • U.S. Hands Off Syria Coalition
  • Peoples Video Network
  • No War on Venezuela Campaign

If so,  then please step forward with an immediate donation, no matter how large or small, TODAY!!

Consider making a recurring donation to keep this resistance center alive.

We have NO corporate or government funders! We can only rely on ourselves.

Maintaining functioning computers, copiers, printers, cameras, video and sound equipment and AIR CONDITIONING in our space is a contribution to revolutionary activism.

If you believe that neither political party – Republican or Democrats, or ANY arm of the US government or ANY corporation maximizing profits will help build an independent movement for people’s liberation then you already know you can help us.

Our goal is: $5,000 by August 15.. If you’d like to make a recurring donation, please click here.