My lawyer Ramsey Clark

I am one of those abused & oppressed people from actual illegal conspiracies, who was helped by Ramsey.

Ramsey explained to me in his office in NYC on E12th st, that I am a victim of COINTELPRO & I was destabilized as part of it a result & he told me what to do and he gave me hope. Georgia gave me a hug.  He actually saved my life & I have always tried to be a friend in the background. I am still being victimized by cointelpros, so if there is anyone out there with a remedy, please contact me through Joe Stillman.

The illegal covert program that is claimed to have ended in 1971 clearly did not end, so if Ramsey was right, then this post must be a lie….     Ramsey also told me about Frank Church & enough to understand what types of terrorism had happened to me.

This was my favorite article that he wrote  because I went through some of the abuses  & I understand it well..

Ramsey was my lawyer & he would often refer to me as “pal” when I came there for his advice which always made me feel welcome & much calmer. We often had tea in his office & discussed matters but I loved to hear his stories. He told me about the invasion of Granada, the prime minister of Pakistan & her father, what happened to Ben’s brother, Chaney Schwerner & Goodman…  He was the most interesting person in the world.

The first thing that you saw as you entered his office was the photo of the back of his head as he was looking down at a pair of eyes looking up to him that were J. Edgar Hoover’s eyes. It sent a subliminal message. He had his dad’s chair in the office & I liked to sit in it. In front of his desk was the photo of his dad on the supreme court & over near his side window a drawing of an Indian woman that was made for him as a gift.

I had a car and only felt safest when i was near Ramsey & his wisdom so I drove him around at times. I drove him to JFK airport the evening he left for Libya in 1986 & later heard all the unsettling details when he returned about the bombing by Regan. He showed me which corner Bobby Kennedy gave a speech on 34th street as we drove back from somewhere. I drove him out to Hofstra law school once, where he gave a speech & I stayed for the talks by him & Nicholas Katzenbach.  He introduced me to Ben Chaney who called me “hometown” & I never really knew why. Ramsey was beloved by everyone here but for me he was actually my greatest hero who saved my life & also influenced me to go get a law degree.

Unlike David Koresh who tried to defend himself against attacks with guns, I picked up law books & went to law school because of Ramsey & cointelpro. Ramsey gave me his book with Dr. Kaku. He also gave me the 1st copy of the book he wrote in 1992, that is my most prized possession.

I was the motivation behind his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 that was submitted in late 2004 by a sociology professor who was a qualified nominator, with the kind help of Geir Lundestad, professor, Director, Norwegian Nobel Institute.  When I bought Mimi’s book about their dad, I told her about the Nobel peace prize nomination of Ramsey in 2005 & she told me about his 2008 UN Human Rights award.

I miss him every day like the wiser big brother I never had.

Barry Goodman