With gratitude and utmost love for Ramsey Clark and his spirit, life and actions.

The first time I was introduced to Ramsey Clark was while walking in the United Nations area, near the USA UN Mission, a number of men sat with banners.

They called their selves “Voices in the Wilderness”, and they told me that Ramsey Clark used to be a United Nations Ambassador, and that he was strongly opposed to the Iraq war.

My experiences regarding the Iraq war, two priests having come to me in 1988, aware no accountings given in my deceased family of origin estates, their promising to help me gain accountings, followed by

One priest having sermons in his church that war would increase their church attendance.

The other priest having sermons in their church about oil;

I was strongly against a war in Iraq.

Another incident after Desert Storm war which began with coup created by these priests (9/11/91; coup named New World Order) was of being with Ramsey Clark and Sarah Flounders, in many actions teaching us of the superior public schools and hospitals, doctors in Iraq.

(I faxed many UN missions; February 15, 2003, 30 million people from 72 countries around the world marched in protest against the Iraq war.)

Ramsey Clark acted against the Yugoslavia war.

He went to courts defending Milosevic.

During that time period , Rudy Giuliani ordered police to shoot a vendor outside a recovery meeting place where I attended meetings .

Police, not Giuliani were confronted.

I was told by a school I was attending then that this was a distraction for Giuliani and Yugoslavia war for his ( Giuliani ) oil moneys .

I remember going to an outreach in Massachusetts one Thanksgiving, and learning of Leonard Peltier ; another man who Ramsey Clark acted for his freedom ; Leonard Peltier arrested for acting in behalf of his people (of color).

I remember Ramsey Clark speaking out several times in behalf of Khadaffi; who wanted to nationalize Libya’s oil supplies ; Libya a democratic nation before USA aggressions and killings ( 9/11/12; We Shall Overcome.)

I would communicate a lot during Clinton impeachment proceedings with Ralph Nader, William Ginsburg and Kenneth Starr, because of crimes during that period of time towards me, national and global community.

I have some of these communications ( communications preceding fore planned 9/11/01 catastrophes).

Clinton impeachment proceedings were about Clinton administration involved in 1993 WTC bombings, OKC Federal Building controlled demolitions ( OKC Federal Building held Iran Contra criminal investigation documents , Whitewater, WACO criminal investigative documents ) and actions against those violating anti trust laws.

Clinton , during impeachment proceedings deregulated media laws, leaving our nation 6 corporate conglomerate owned media outreaches.

Ramsey Clark and Ralph Nader, after the fore planned 9/11/01 catastrophes created a law proceeding against George Bush.

Ramsey Clark acted with Martin Luther King, Jr. and many who acted against prejudice, poverty and war making.

During that time period, for me, no knowledge of history, I was given a right wing Zionist NYS Attorney General, who instead of helping me , acted in stealing my family of origin properties, and acted against civil rights movements .

My communications in these regards have been daily to this date from 9/11/91 when coup began.

I communicated often with Ramsey Clark with my writings —— traumatized by many events , I learned to communicate in writing .

These are but a few of years of actions by Ramsey Clark, and brief examples of some of my experiences and memories of this most amazing man.

After 9/11/01 I was given a blue book with names of Ambassadors and all UN missions addresses.

I brought communications to most all UN missions, all aware of USA most dangerous military complex and USA involvement in 9/11/01 catastrophes.

Sometimes I would bring duplicate copies of communications I would bring UN missions to Ramsey Clark.

Ramsey Clark was aware of my facsimiles to Justices throughout USA, Hawaii and Alaska, which I did from March-November, 2000, because of situations in my life regarding national and global community.

In September , 2000, Project For a New American Century outlined their goals of USA military superiority and Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

General Wesley Clark after 9/11/01 shared his knowledge that USA wanted to take out seven nations; regarding the fore planned 9/11/01 catastrophes.

Ramsey Clark and IAC acted against all these aggressions.

For me, the never ending faith in the good in and for all people, Ramsey Clark always defending that good, his strong support against prejudice, poverty and war making , will be remembered forever by me.

His spirit lives in me.

These are but a very few examples of my experiences with this blessed man named Ramsey Clark.

He was and will be forever an inspirational person regarding national and global community.

With much love and gratitude for Ramsey Clark.

Fern Tess Tishman