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December 2019

Dear friends,

2019 has been a year of activism for the International Action Center and its affiliated organizations. Our efforts have focused on many critical issues: opposing war, intervention and economic sanctions; decrying the climate crisis and environmental destruction; demonstrating against mistreatment and denial of entry to immigrants, and protesting racism and all forms of bigotry and injustice.

True to its principles, the IAC continues to denounce and demonstrate against U.S.-backed wars, drone attacks, occupations, and interventions around the world—​in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Occupied Palestine in the Middle East, East Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. We decry NATO and U.S. nuclear weapons build-ups in Europe and elsewhere, and the back-pedaling on arms control pacts.

U.S.: Hands off Latin America and the Caribbean

Starting last January, the IAC joined with many progressive organizations to oppose U.S. intervention—​and a U.S.-backed coup—​against the democratically elected government of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, and to defend the country’s sovereignty. Following the IAC’s initiation of the No War on Venezuela campaign, protests were held Feb. 23 in 150 cities in the U.S. and abroad. President Maduro expressed thanks for the solidarity. On March 30, the IAC joined other groups in Washington to say “No to NATO!” and “No War on Venezuela!” A coalition, which included the IAC, organized a meeting with Venezuela’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, at New York’s Holyrood Church.

When the U.S. backed a brutal racist coup against the elected Indigenous leader of Bolivia, Evo Morales, the IAC was out on the streets countrywide. The IAC supports Indigenous peoples, women, workers and their allies in Ecuador who protested IMF-imposed austerity cutbacks, and the peoples of Chile and Colombia demonstrating against U.S.-backed repressive governments and austerity cutbacks—​and calling for their rights.

The IAC proclaims solidarity with the peoples of Haiti, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, and condemns the Trump administration’s racist slurs against them. We call for respect for the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. We call on Washington to stop its attacks on Cuba and to respect that country’s people and sovereignty.

Oppose Sanctions: Call to Action
March 13-15

The IAC is initiating, along with key anti-war, solidarity and social justice organizations, a powerful new campaign, culminating in the International Days of Action against Sanctions and Economic War on March 13-15. We encourage mobilizations and educational events on those days. Sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies cause devastation for one-third of the world’s population in 39 countries. These tools of economic war are a crime against humanity and must be opposed!

Initiators of the united effort include the Ministry of Solidarity with the Peoples at Holyrood Church, BAYAN-USA, Black Alliance for Peace, U.S. Peace Council, December 12th Movement, IFCO Pastors for Peace, United National Antiwar Coalition, People’s Organization for Progress, International League for People’s Struggle, Accion Revolucion Ecuador and Code Pink. Join hundreds of endorsers and sign on at

Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere!

FIRE organizes protests against the detention, deportations and abuse of immigrants, family separation and imprisoning of children in cages. On Oct. 25, FIRE, together with other groups, called for a National Day of Action against Greyhound for allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agents to board its buses to arrest immigrants. Demonstrations were held in Atlanta, Buffalo, N.Y., Durham, N.C., Houston, New York City, Oakland, Calif., Philadelphia, and Portland, Ore. The organization supports actions to allow former child migrants to stay here, in their homes.

No to racism and repression!

IAC chapters protest white supremacy, racism, anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ2+ bigotry and misogyny—​whether pushed by ultra-right forces or emanating from the White House. We protest attacks on Black, Latinx, Arab, Muslim, immigrant and low-income communities, women, LGBTQ2+ people, workers, youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

IAC organizers protest racist police killings and mass incarceration and work within the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement and elsewhere to end the inhumane death penalty.

Philadelphia Mobilization 4 Mumia, which includes the IAC and International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, continues to fight to free this world-renowned political prisoner as his legal case enters a new, promising phase.

Honor Indigenous Peoples! Save the Planet!

As it has done every year for decades, the IAC sent a busload of supporters to the 50th observance of the National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Mass. It is a day which exposes the “benevolent” Pilgrim myth and honors all Indigenous peoples. They are leading the movements to protect water sources, defend lands and save all forms of life on Earth from corporate polluters. Our Boston chapter has provided assistance to this event every year.

The IAC has joined hundreds of organizations to protest the U.S. government’s collusion with Big Oil and Big Gas companies in denying the global climate crisis, pulling out of international climate agreements, reversing environmental protections in this country and allowing unbridled drilling, mining and fracking. We demand environmental justice! In September, we joined Indigenous peoples, international delegations and others at actions to demand the U.S. and its allies immediately act to meet the climate emergency. We joined tens of thousands in the youth-led march Sept. 20. Two days later, the IAC co-organized the “People’s Mobilization to Stop the U.S. War Machine and Save the Planet.”

Solidarity Center: Organizing Hub

The Center, home of the IAC, provides space for meetings, events, receptions and work sessions for many organizations. Often two or three activities take place there on the same day. The People’s Power Assemblies/NYC and the People’s MTA have campaigned for accessible subway stations with working elevators and protested police harassment of people of color on the trains. Out of this office, the PPA/NYC mobilized for its 5th annual International Day of People with Disabilities. Ecuadorian, Honduran and Puerto Rican groups meet here. The Laundry Workers Center, Jericho NYC, FIRE and May Day organizers use this office. So does the Workers Solidarity Network. The International Working Women’s Coalition plans its annual IWW Day activity there.

The Center hosted Mike Africa Jr., who presented his narrative, “Born on the MOVE.” He was born in a Pennsylvania prison where his mother, political prisoner, Debbie Africa, one of the MOVE 9, was unjustly incarcerated.

We support movements for comprehensive government services in health care, food and housing, $15 per hour minimum wages, equal pay and an end to workplace sexual misconduct. Boston Workers Solidarity Network has joined striking workers throughout the city.

Your Help Makes it Happen!

All of this activism and more is possible because of the hard work of our all-volunteer staff and the financial assistance given by our committed supporters. The IAC relies on our donors to provide the funds which enable all of our mobilizing and educational campaigns. Your continuing support inspires us to do more!

Given the current political situation, the bellicosity emanating from Washington, and the overturning of legal rights and social services here at home, the IAC has to be alert and ready to respond quickly! Also, we are committed to maintaining the Solidarity Center as an organizing space for the progressive movement. We hope you give generously.

In solidarity and with appreciation,

Sara Flounders, IAC Co-director

Teresa Gutierrez, FIRE Coordinator

Richard Kossally, PPA/NYC Organizer


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