France: George Ibrahim Abdallah must not die in prison!

The International Action Center received this petition from the Pole for the Rebirth of Communism in France (PRCF) calling for the release the longest held political prisoner in France, who is threatened with contracting COVID-19. For organizations wanting to sign the petition, click 

George Ibrahim Abdallah

While the government has just released thousands of prisoners who have not completed their sentences because it fears an increase in prison mortality related to the virus, the Minister of Justice keeps under lock and key our comrade Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Lebanese communist activist and patriot, even though he is old, he is in his 36th year of detention, he completed his security sentence more than 15 years ago, and he has become the oldest political prisoner in France.

All this because this government, which in times of crisis again speaks of “sovereignty,” is complying with the inhuman and vengeful pressures of the United States and Israeli governments which want to destroy Abdallah by the intermediary of a French prison and the virus.

The signatories declare that if Abdallah became infected as a result of the inhumane and brutal human rights conditions in French prisons and dies in prison, all decent people should hold the current French authorities guilty of what would then have nothing in common with a “natural death.”