Updated: Fri. May 1: Webinar – May Day Workers Power – Building Workers Assemblies. REGISTER Now! May Day Car Caravan: Starting Locations in Bk, Bx & Queens!

Friday, May 1
International Workers Day
@ 8pm EDT/5pm PDT
Register to participate via
Zoom Video conference

Updated Speakers List:

Larry Holmes – 1st Secretary, Workers World Party
Saladin Muhammad –
Black Workers for Justice
Sally Stone –
Domestic Workers United
Jon Hutto –
Anti-war Navy Veteran
Charles Jenkins –
Transport Workers Union Local 100, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
Joshua Dedmond – Cooperation Jackson
Nancy Monsour – Existence is Resistance

Hosted by:
Megan Smith – Whole Foods worker, member of Whole Worker & Workers World Party, Philadelphia
Richard Kossally – Union Delegate, 1199 SEIU

Join Workers World Party for our special MAY DAY webinar!

The webinar will pose a radical challenge to our class: How can we build our own power through workers assemblies? As we reflect on how the global working class is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic we’ll also hear reports on fightback actions that took place on May 1st, and commemorate the radical history of International Workers Day, from the struggle for the eight hour day in 1886 to the Day Without Immigrants in 2006.

May Day Workers Solidarity: Caravan for our Lives
People Before Profit!Register for the Caravan
Friday, May 1
International Workers Day

Gather at Noon
FB Event
Starting Locations in Bk, Bx & Queens:
•Brooklyn: Best Buy at Bay Plaza – 8923 Bay Parkway
     •Bronx: Staples – 234th and Broadway
•Queens: Triangle Plaza- Whitestone Expy & Ulmer St, Flushing
Caravan open to cars, motorcycles, scooters, bikes and other vehicles
Wear RED for International Workers Day!
As COVID-19 continues to spread across the US, the complete inadequacy of the US healthcare system and the failure of the government response is on full display. Essential workers are put at risk every day with low pay and without necessary protective gear. Widespread testing is unavailable. Millions without work face the prospect of rent bills they cannot pay and evictions to follow. Prisoners and migrants in detention centers are at particularly high risk of contracting COVID-19, as social distancing and basic sanitary measures are impossible under prison conditions. Billions are spent on criminal wars instead of addressing the pandemic. Governor Cuomo has refused support to undocumented migrants.

The caravan will follow social distancing and other safety protocols, and is in opposition to reactionary demonstrations over the past weeks that have demanded people return to work, a policy that would result in completely unnecessary mass infection and death. Workers and scientists should decide when to reopen the economy, not right-wing reactionaries. The caravan will show solidarity with working and oppressed people across New York City, especially hospital, transit, grocery & incarcerated workers at the front line of this crisis, and lay the blame where it belongs: at the doorsteps of Trump, DeBlasio, Cuomo and Wall Street.

For all these reasons we will mobilize as a car caravan on May Day, International Workers Day to demand the following and more:

People Before Profit
Hazard Pay & PPE for All Essential Workers
Relief Fund for Migrant Workers

Free Healthcare & COVID Testing for All
End the Wars – Fight COVID!
Capitalism is Killing Us!
Bail out Workers, not Banks!

Register for the caravan to participate or endorse:

Partial list of Endorsers:

May First Movement
FIRE (Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere)
Laundry Workers Center
Cosecha NYC
Close the Camps NYC
Red Bloom Solidarity Network
Social Service Workers Uprising Now
International League of People’s Struggle, Northeast US
New York Boricua Resistance
New York Community Action Project
Danby Cooperative
The People’s MTA
International Action Center
People’s Power Assemblies NYC
Workers World Party

Register for the Caravan to Participate or Endorse

This action is being organized in response to the call for a People’s Strike coming out of Cooperation Jackson, and thourgh a broad coalition migrant worker and solidarity organizations in NYC initiated by FIRE (Fight for Im/migrnats and Refugees Everywhere) and the Laundry Workers Center. On May 1st, workers across the country will be organizing and mobilizing! Click here to read the Call to Action