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Please donate for another year of mobilizing against war and for social justice. For donations of $35 or more, you can receive one of the two books mentioned here.

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December 2023

Dear friends,

The organizing and advocacy work of the International Action Center continues.  It is needed now more than ever, given the U.S.-backed Israeli war against the Palestinian people and the expansion of NATO bases and missile systems in Europe and Asia, posing a threat of military aggression in both continents.
The IAC joins millions of people here and worldwide who are demonstrating their outrage at and opposition to apartheid Israel’s genocidal war against Palestinians, with the U.S. government’s complicity.  They are demanding an end to  Washington’s annual $3.8 billion allocation to the Netanyahu government for the military, weapons and occupations.  The Biden administration has approved Israel’s commission of war crimes in violation of international laws,  The mainstream media echoes Washington’s policies.
Like any people who are under siege, Gazans—who live in an ‘open air prison,” under Israeli occupation, subject to constant harassment, racism, water and food shortages and  violent attacks, including bombings—have a right to resist however they can.  The IAC, along with thousands of organizations across the globe, supports their just cause.
On Dec. 1, Israel resumed its aerial bombardment of Gaza, home to 2.3 million Palestinians, after a one-week “pause” in its blitz.  In just one day, air strikes killed 178 people and injured 589.  Convoys carrying food and other necessities have been prevented from entering Gaza.  Prior to the “pause,” 15,000 Gazans had been killed, including over 6,000 children, mostly by Israel’s U.S.-supplied 2,000-lb. bunker-buster bombs.  Half of Gaza’s housing has been destroyed, Most hospitals in northern Gaza are in ruins.  Churches, mosques, schools, relief agencies’ and media offices have been leveled.
Over half of Gazans have been displaced.  People are sleeping in rubble.  Israel first ordered northern residents to go south, and then strafed most of the northern region.  Now the Israel Defense Force is telling people to evacuate Khan Younis in the south, and go to Rafah, now densely populated—but the military is bombarding both cities.  The border with Egypt is closed, and the area around it is being strafed.  There is no safe place for the Palestinians in Gaza.  Starvation looms.  Whatever Netanyahu’s racist, expansionist government has in store for the besieged Palestinian people, must be opposed worldwide.  Protests in the U.S. and across the globe continue.
‘The world is Palestine’
A slogan circulated on social media says, “They wanted to erase Palestine from the whole world; now the whole world is Palestine.”


The Bronx

Millions of people have been on the streets showing their solidarity with the people of Gaza and their opposition to the U.S.-backed Israeli onslaught there—from Indonesia to Middle Eastern countries to South Africa to Europe, with 300,000 out in London, to South America and the U.S.  Photos of  orphaned, injured and dead children—and of their grieving mothers—have infuriated masses of humanity and caused them to act.  The whole world is watching—and marching.
In the U.S., there have been huge protests from coast to coast demanding an end to Washington’s support of mass murder.  IAC members have joined many, and participated in the 300,000-strong action in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 4.  ­Student walkouts, hunger strikes, sit-ins at federal ­buildings, planned arrests, are happening here.  Celebrities, artists, writers and athletes are speaking out, some losing jobs and risking their careers.
A delegation comprised of representatives of anti-war and solidarity organizations, including the IAC, traveled to Egypt as part of the Human Rights International Campaign to bring emergency supplies provided by the Red Cross, Red Crescent and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, but they were blocked.  Hundreds of trucks packed with supplies lined the roads for miles at the Rafah crossing into Gaza.  The coordinator was world-renowned  Palestinian writer and activist Susan Albulhawa (shown in photo packing supplies in Egypt).

Delegation in Egypt

The Philadelphia chapter helped publicize the Sept. 22-24 Palestine Writes Festival, volunteered at preparatory work sessions, and staffed tables at the event.  Writers flew in from many countries to participate in this prestigious gathering, which drew 1,600 attendees to teach and learn of the historical culture of the Palestinian people.
End U.S./U.N./EU wars, sanctions
The IAC has been part of the United National Antiwar Coalition, since its founding in 2011.  With UNAC, the IAC helped coordinated over 100 anti-NATO actions around the U.S. last March, including a national demonstration in Washington, D.C.  These actions opposed NATO’s nuclear weapons build-up on the Russia/Ukraine border and the dangers of a wider war.  Promoting unity within the anti-war movement is paramount for this group.

The IAC opposes the expansion of U.S. and NATO military bases and weapons installations in Europe, Asia and elsewhere.  And it is against U.S., U.N., and EU threats and/or intervention in China, Cuba, Haiti, Mali, Russia and Venezuela.  We support the movement for Puerto Rican independence.
The IAC is part of the SanctionsKill coalition, which opposes U.N./U.S./EU economic warfare—­sanctions—against 40 countries, one-third of the world’s population.  The coalition published an anthology of writings by a varied group of anti-war advocates: “Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy,” which sold out!  A second edition was produced last winter with more articles, including an essay calling for the freeing of Alex Saab, U.S. political prisoner and former Venezuelan diplomat.
IAC members traveled to China on a fact-finding trip to investigate how the government has dealt with the COVID pandemic.  They met with doctors, professors and others to learn more.  Lee Sui Hin and Sara Flounders co-edited the book “Capitalism on a Ventilator: the Impact of COVID‑19 on China and the U.S.” in 2020, with 55 articles by many published authors; its Chinese translation has gotten an excellent reception.
Into the streets
The National Day of Mourning is held yearly on so-called ‘Thanksgiving’ in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to honor Indigenous people and their ancestors and to protest continuing racism and oppression.  Boston IAC activists assisted with publicity, sound and other logistics at the Nov. 23 commemoration.  The IAC thanks Indigenous people everywhere for leading movements to protect the planet.
We say “Free Leonard Peltier,” a Native elder unfairly imprisoned for 46 years thousands of miles from his family and nation.  The Philadelphia chapter is part of the Mobilization4Mumia, which organizes to win the freedom of renowned Black journalist and political prisoner Mumia Jamal, unjustly incarcerated for over 40 years.
IAC activists participate in demonstrations protesting racist police brutality and calling for an end to the discriminatory death penalty and unjust criminal ‘injustice’ system.
Our activists walked picket lines with United Auto Workers’ members in their historic strike, participated in Starbucks workers’ Red Cup Rebellion and attended UPS Teamsters “practice pickets” We join actions to protest racism and promote the rights of women, youth, seniors, LGBTQ2S and disabled people—and movements which demand jobs at a living wage, and healthcare, housing and food for all.
Brand-new office and organizing space
The IAC moved in April just a few blocks away from its prior location to a brand-new office.  As is our practice, the office is open to other organizations for meetings and work sessions.  The Bronx Antiwar Coalition and Laundry Workers Center are but two of the groups that meet there regularly.  The Venceremos Brigade has discussions there and  gathers medical supplies for the Cuban people.
We need your help!
Everything the IAC does is enabled by the backing of our friends and supporters.  We appreciate your assistance in all ways, including financial.  Your donations have made all of our organizing work and participation in activities and coalitions, production of books and webinars and other informational materials possible.

Please donate for another year of mobilizing against war and for social justice. For donations of $35 or more, you can receive one of the two books mentioned here.

We are grateful for and thank you for your support.
International Action Center organizers
International Action Center
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